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LeMond Track Adapter

Time on the track bike is valuable for the track rider. But there are few ways to build up the km’s in the saddle without being on the track or braving the open road.

It is a small niche, but fixed gear adapters for direct drive trainers have grown in popularity amongst the professional scene, with national teams running LeMond Revolution Direct Drive trainers for their warm ups before a race.

Velobike Lemond Adapter

Direct drive trainers offer a superior experience that closely represents the feel of a track bike. The spinning fan acts as a flywheel - maintaining momentum as though you’re out on the boards.

This adapter replaces the cassette, free-hub, and the free-hub mounting plate on your direct drive LeMond revolution trainer with a fixed gear setup compatible with horizontal drop-out track bicycles.

The bike is locked in place with two chain tugs and a quick release suer for maximum hold. The set-up eliminates any slip under high power outputs.

More information about the adapter can be seen here.

Lemond Track Adapter
Velobike Lemond Fixed Gear Adapter
Lemond Track Adapter