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I am a dreamer.

I dream of what my life may look like tomorrow, next week, next year… in ten years from now. In order to achieve those dreams, I am also a planner. Not in the traditional sense where you may write lists of things you want to do, or who you wish to be, but is an ever-changing vision in my mind. 

A big dream of mine is to have a place I can truly call home. Somewhere my partner and I can work together, to craft a space that we enjoy so much we never want to leave (except maybe for a one way trip to Europe in a couple of years). Owning a home is not something that we would be able to achieve any time soon in Wellington. The price of renting is only going up in the city, and it’s beginning to become hard to have that little bit extra to enjoy life to the fullest while continuing to save. 

Next week I begin a new position as an Industrial Designer for an emerging start-up based in rural Taranaki (New Zealand). The position excites me as it’s not only a huge step closer to the dream of owning our own property financially (due to houses being much cheaper there) but also a great leap in advancing in my professional design career. 
An emerging start-up fits right in my passion for designing influential solutions for people while filling the desire for business and project management experience. The team is small – providing a great deal of creative freedom and control of my work. Jumping right into the deep end as per say.

Living in Taranaki will be far cheaper, easier to save, and provide lots of space and time to work on another of my dreams – getting my own products into the market. Many projects have been dreamed up, and mentally planned out, but not acted upon for numerous reasons… until now. 

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