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A Friend of a Chair

Chair (noun) - A separate seat for one person, typically with a back and four legs.

chair design

A chair has a personality. A chair has legs, a back and sometimes arms. They occasionally also have elbows, knees and feet (Wilhide, 2010). Chairs are like human beings, as each one is different. Every chair has a certain character about it. A chair can be dominating and help to assert power such as the throne on Game of Thrones, or be soft and calming and express feelings of closure and support like that of your living room couch.

Chairs are able to support you like your best friend but with a bonus that they never argue back. Just like having a best friend, you can also have a favourite chair. We can get very protective of our chairs, they become personal territory: “Who’s been sitting in my chair?” (Wilhide, 2010).

We go through our lives having ‘single serving friendships’ with random strangers (Fincher, 1999). This is also true with chairs. You may be sitting on a chair in a waiting room at the doctors while having a single serving conversation with a stranger. You may never sit on that same chair or see that stranger again in your life.

The next time you sit on a chair, make sure you take some time to get to know it a little more.

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