Catchpole Design

Catchpole Design


Design Portfolio

Good design is first problem-finding before problem-solving. How are we supposed to know where the problems are without undergoing througher user experience research?

Zero Waste Design


Obtaining maimum material efficiency in the fabrication of products through design.

Design for Manufacture

Designing for the sake of design is one thing, but designing for production is another.

Design for Experiences

Designing solutions that create meaningful experiences through storytelling.

Design for Business

Business models, journey mapping and systems design implimented into business.

Design for People

People are at the centre of the design process. Without people, there wouldnt be anything to design for.

Design for Identity

Building brand identities for business and individuals.


Transdisciplinary Design Experience

Transdisciplinary Design offers an emphasis on systems and interaction design to help solve and re-think complex challenges and propose solutions, new narratives or new discourses that will naturally take the form of new experiences, services, business models, movements or systems.

This diagram illustrates my transdiciplinry design experience, ranging from graphic through to experience and systems design.